Graphic Arts Contests

This year, there will be four divisions in Graphic Arts:  grades 7-9, grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12.  The Graphic Arts Contest Chair and the chairs for each category of Graphic Arts reserve the right to combine divisions or contests if there are too few entries.

Please consult the Convention White Booklet (available January 1st) for the rules and requirements of the different Graphic Arts contests: Art, Audio-Visual, Handicraft, Posters, Charts, Maps, Illustrated Notebooks, Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Photography

The various categories and sub-categories for the Graphic Arts contests are:

  • Cartoons and Greeting Cards
  • Charts, Illustrated Quotations, Maps, Posters
  • Drawing and Painting
    Acrylic or Oil, Black Ink (including block printing), Black Pencil, Chalk or Pastel, Charcoal, Colored Ink, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media (any combination of the previously specified 8 media, no matter how minor), Watercolor (including water markers done with a brush)
  • Handicrafts
    Decorative Stitching (smaller items including embroidery, counted cross stitch,  needlepoint), Dolls, Games, Glass, Jewelry, Large Models, Mosaics, Other Textiles (including quilts, batik, T-shirts, weaving), Pottery, Small Models, Sculpture
  • Impromptu Art
  • Multimedia
  • Photography
    Traditional, Computer Enhanced
  • Paper Scrapbook
    State, Local (further divided into small, medium, and large chapters)
  • Digital Scrapbook
    State, Local (further divided into small, medium, and large chapters)
  • State T-Shirts