Editor Tips

Editing is hard work! To make the job easier for all editors and writers out there, our 2016-2017 Editor, Jade Woods, has compiled this list of references.

1. Starting a Publication (download)
Are you interested in starting a publication like the Torch for your club? Read this document for tips on how to get started!
One of the largest components of a publication is not interactive media, but text articles which, done poorly, can be long and tedious to read. Read this to learn how to write concisely and keep readers engaged.
Avoiding plagiarism, even unintentional plagiarism, is one of an editor’s most important tasks. Read this source for advice on how to avoid any form of plagiarism in a publication.
If you are doing research for an article, but you are not sure where to find reliable information, read this guide on how to evaluate sources.

If you have further questions, please contact Alex Morgan at ljcleditor@gmail.com.