To be eligible for LJCL membership in good standing, chapters must submit the following:

  • State JCL dues are $8 per student but will increase to $9 after the October 31st deadline. National JCL dues are $2 per student.
  • Please fill out the NJCL Registration Form in addition to the LJCL Membership Form.  We will forward your NJCL form, dues, and roster to the national office.  Write one check made out to LJCL to cover all fees.  A $10 chapter fee for NJCL is only due if dues are paid to NJCL after Dec. 1st.  After April 1st it goes up to $20.  If you plan to pay national dues directly to NJCL, please note that you must also pay State dues to LJCL in order to be considered a member in good standing of NJCL.
  • In accordance with the NJCL Constitution, please be sure that all members are enrolled in or have completed a Latin, Greek, or classical humanities course
  • Officer Contact Information – Please submit a list of your club’s officers, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Some schools may not  allow students’ personal information to be distributed; in this case,  just send the names of your officers.
  • Membership Form – Please complete the two forms which are found below.

Submit all materials to:

LJCL                                                                                                                                    118 Davis Drive                                                                                                                    Luling, LA  70070

Remember that all sponsors must be members in good standing of the American Classical League (ACL). You can pay your ACL dues on the LJCL membership form.

Or email to

Amy Waters, LJCL State Chair-

Rob Gilchrist, LJCL State Chair-


2016-2017 LJCL Membership Form

2016-2017 NJCL Chapter Registration

Information Release Form (for local use only)