LJCL Convention

This is a Louisiana JCL event in which many individual chapter JCL clubs from all over Louisiana and some from Arkansas all meet up and spend a week together, competing on academic, physical, and artistic levels. There is a lot of yelling and marching around in public for the world to see… in togas, of course.  There are also many opportunities to hang out with others from different schools including karaoke, free time, dances, and much more. If your club acquires the most amount of points from the academic, physical, and artistic competitions, your club will go home with the coveted and traveling “Torch”.

The theme for the 2016-2017 LJCL Convention is Ego vos hortari tantum possum ut amicitiam omnibus rebus humanis anteponatis – “I urge you, as much as I am able, to put friendship before all human issues.” from Cicero, De Amicitia 17. The date for our convention is March 9 to March 11. Friday’s spirit theme is Purple and Gold, the Saturday’s theme is School Originality, and the theme for Procession is The Future is Bright with JCL. The themes for the dances are (Friday) Purple and G(old) and (Saturday) JCL is Out of this World. We hope to see you there!