Convention Rules and Expectations

Eligibility and Attendance Rules:

  • Only those students who have paid membership dues to the national and state JCL organizations will be eligible to attend the convention.
  • Only those students who have been in a Latin class during the year or have been involved in the local JCL activities during the year of the convention, as attested to by the JCL sponsor, may attend convention.
  • Refunds for registered delegates who are not able to attend convention will not be given beyond the date published on the school registration form. However, a sponsor may substitute a previously unregistered delegate to attend in the place of the delegate who cannot attend. In this event, the sponsor will handle all necessary financial transactions. This substitution may be made at any time up until registration on the day of convention.

Major (Non-negotiable) Rules:

  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, unauthorized pills, fireworks, weapons, or any other material that is illegal or inappropriate for LJCL Convention is strictly forbidden for any delegate or adult.
  • Gambling of any kind is strictly forbidden for any delegate or adult.
  • Fraternizing with anyone other than our LJCL group is strictly forbidden.
  • Smoking is not permitted at the convention by JCL delegates.
  • Convention members are not allowed to leave the hotel unless accompanied by a sponsor/chaperone.
  • Delegates may not use their own cars during the convention. Keys must be turned over to sponsors upon arrival at the convention site.
  • At no time will a girl enter a boy’s room or a boy enter a girl’s room. The hotel has designated areas where students may fraternize.

Conduct Code and Additional Rules:

  • Complete attention should be given to those on stage during general assemblies. Booing by anyone is unacceptable behavior and only reflects badly upon the student and his school.
  •  Spirit Contests, General Assemblies, Chapter Fellowships, Olympika, the procession, the banquet, and That’s Entertainment are mandatory , and attendance is to be taken by a specified sponsor/chaperone. Delegates are to be in the auditorium and seated with their own delegation at the starting time of each assembly.
  • Poor sportsmanship by team members or spectators at any convention activity will not be tolerated.
  • All chaperones, officials, timers, and JCL delegates will be treated with courtesy and respect. Courtesy is expected of all delegates at all times and to all people. Students should be aware that all teachers and chaperones are in authority and should be considered their chaperones.
  • Hotel guests must not be disturbed. Behavior in the halls and lobby should be courteous. Excessive noise and running in any part of the hotel are forbidden.
  • Throwing items from hotel windows and balconies, including water balloons, is strictly forbidden.
  • Delegates should be in their rooms at the specified curfew times and QUIET. At room-check, chaperones must see the person’s face. NO delegate may leave his room after room-check.
  • Students may not use the telephones in their rooms for out-of-hotel calls. They may not secure room service or pay movies. They may not order roll-away beds.
  • A lost hotel key/card will be paid for before checkout time by the student responsible.
  • Students should be familiar with the JCL creed and song and should participate heartily in their recitation at assemblies.
  • Hotel officials require that appropriate footwear be worn at all times. Students are reminded to dress in good taste. Observe hotel food and drink rules.
  • No pizza in the halls. Enjoy all group snacks in the designated areas.
  • I.D. badges must be worn above the waist at ALL times by ALL delegates and chaperones. Delegates may not participate in tests, Olympika, the banquet, or any phase of the convention without their name badges.
  • Roman costumes must be worn by all delegates and chaperones at the Roman banquet.
  • Do not run around hotel corridors in night apparel. Keep doors shut and locked at all times.
  • Do not bring stereos, video games, and other valuables to convention. Any equipment found will be confiscated and turned over to the hotel personnel to be returned at the end of convention. JCL is not responsible for their damage or loss.
  • If a delegate must take medication, the sponsor/chaperone must be informed by a parent in writing prior to leaving for the convention.
  • Please report all accidents and sickness to a chaperone at once. In case of any problem, a teacher/chaperone will work with a sponsor and/or state chair as necessary.
  • Delegates should plan to participate in as many activities as possible. Those who are most involved generally have the best time. Fulfill all responsibilities. Take all tests and enter all projects registered for.
  • Delegates should participate in the Spirit Contest and carry out all themes. Awards are given to the chapters with best participation and which best exemplify the true meaning of JCL. Each school should try to display a banner at the general assemblies.
  • All projects are to be treated with respect and are not to be tampered with. All projects not claimed by check-out time will be discarded.
  • The LJCL Convention office is off limits to delegates, with the exception of state officers. Sponsors, Convention Chairs, judges, and registered SCL helpers may use the office for business pertaining to the convention, but it is not a place for socializing. Failure to keep the office neat and to respect the working environment will result in the closing of the office to everyone except the State Chairs and necessary officers. NO ONE, including sponsors, officers, Convention Chairs, and SCL delegates, may use any computer in the office without the permission of a State Chair.
  • The LJCL Convention Hospitality Lounge is off limits to delegates, with the exception of state officers. The lounge is a designated social space for sponsors, chaperones, judges, Convention Chairs, and registered SCL helpers.

Enforcement of Rules:

  • Infractions of a major rule may result in a delegate’s appearance before the disciplinary committee which will consist of a representative from each delegation who is appointed by the sponsor. The disciplinary committee is moderated by the State Chairs, and the sponsor(s) of all delegates involved may be present. The committee will hear the circumstances of the incident and decide on an appropriate course of action. An appearance before the disciplinary committee may result in a delegate’s being sent home at his or her parents’ expense. The delegate’s parents will be notified as soon as possible to arrange for the delegate’s return trip. Additionally, the disciplinary committee may elect to revoke membership in LJCL as a consequence for serious infractions.
  • If a major rule is broken, the student’s sponsor may choose to handle the incident independently by sending the student home immediately. Alternatively, s/he may choose to send the student before the disciplinary committee. However, if the incident involves students from two or more schools, all delegates involved must appear before the disciplinary committee.
  • In the event that a major rule is broken, regardless of whether or not the disciplinary committee meets, the parents of the delegate and his/her school authorities must be notified of the situation by the sponsor and/or State Chair as soon as possible.
  • In the event that a rule of the code of conduct is broken, the discipline of the student(s) will be handled by the sponsor(s). Sponsor(s) will decide whether or not to notify parents and/or school authorities. The State Chairs should be notified of all infractions and the action taken. A second violation of the code of conduct will be handled in the same manner as if a major rule were broken.

Anyone who finds it difficult to abide by the JCL rules as described above should save himself, his family, his school, his sponsor(s) and the State Chairs unnecessary distress. It is the right of the State Chairs to disqualify any school for any major offense by any one of its members. The policy of JCL is to disqualify that school from participation and competition on every level the following year.