Arrington Holmes- ljclhist@gmail.com

  • Bring the previous Historian’s scrapbook to Nationals
  • Design the LJCL T-shirt for National Convention
  • Design the LJCL banner for National Convention
  • Create signs and posters for Fall Forum
  • Organize Impromptu Art at Fall Forum and obtain gag gifts
  • Design the LJCL State Board T‑Shirt for State Convention
  • Design the cover of the State Convention booklet
  • Design State Convention banner
  • Create Welcome, Registration, and Luggage Check signs for State Convention
  • Assist Graphic Arts Chair at State Convention with registration, monitoring, Impromptu Art, displaying school banners at GA, etc.
  • Gather material for state scrapbook, construct state scrapbook, and make preparations for it to be submitted it at National Convention after your term has ended

For more information regarding this positions duties, please refer to the LJCL Constitution, specifically Article VII Section 6.