State Board

Every year, the Louisiana Junior Classical League State Officers are elected at our state convention. The LJCL officers for the 2017-2018 year are as follows:

  • President- presides over meetings and ensures that all officer duties are preformed
    • Ann Nguyen:
  • 1st Vice President- in charge of publicity and membership
    • Anusha Zaman:
  • 2nd Vice President- in charge of spirit and service
    • Ellie Davis:
  • Secretary- records minutes at all meetings
    • Claire Doucet:
  • Parliamentarian- recruits candidates for office and runs meetings related to elections or constitutional amendments
    • Christin Chachula:
  • Historian- takes pictures and creates the state scrapbook
    • Arrington Holmes:
  • Editor- publishes the Torch:LA and the Convention Ear
    • Alex Morgan:
  • Technology Coordinator- maintains the website and social media accounts
    • Sam Matthews:

With great officer power comes great officer responsibility. If one would wish to become an officer, keep all of these things in mind in order to create the best JCL experience for everyone! Please refer to the individual position page for more in depth duties. Every position, however, has the following responsibilities.

  • Memorize JCL Creed and Song (Click here for both the Creed and the Song)
  • Attend monthly meetings that last approximately 2 hours either in person or via Skype
  • Be prepared to attend extra meetings in June and July prior to National Convention and in February prior to State Convention
  • Communicate with state chairs and fellow officers regularly
  • Attend Fall Forum
  • Attend State Convention
  • Assist with preparation of delegate packets for State Convention
  • Write the officer skit for That’s Entertainment at State Convention
  • Write teacher-­student certamen questions for State Convention
  • Attend National Convention unless there is a reason pre‑approved by the State Chairs
  • Understand that the duties of a state office take precedence over involvement in competition
  • Turn in appropriate receipts for reimbursement
  • Help brainstorm fresh ideas for the organization
LJCL Social Mecda Card

LJCL Social Media Card

For information on elections and officer duties, please refer to the LJCL Constitution, specifically Articles VI and VII.